TREND: Falling Into Summer

Last September my mom and sister opened a boutique in Milwaukee and I soon became very enthusiastically involved. My favorite thing to do is to attend buying trips with my very fashionable sister. We not only get to spend our days looking at amazing lines and buying for the store, but also checking out the latest trends. Last week, the two of us set off to New York City for a buying trip and I was quickly enthralled by all the trends being displayed by buyers and vendors alike. We spent a half hour outside the Javits Center simply checking out (and silently judging) everyone that walked by.

I spotted this vendor taking a break from the show and fell in love with her fall pieces put together with a summery vibe. First and foremost I spotted the oversized pants that tapered off at the bottom. I have been looking for the perfect pair to fit my body and it has been an epic fail, but this Fashionista had it right. They were quietly patterned and a deep nude in color.

The jean jacket is, of course, a must-have for fall, but I absolutely adore the way this Fashionista wore hers on a 90 degree summer day. In addition to the jean jacket, she sported a lightweight scarf. As my fellow Style Gyru shared with you all in a previous post, scarves really can be a summer accessory (even in the sweltering heat) if they are light enough and a soft or neutral color.

This Fashionista looked so effortlessly chic, especially with the flip flops she had on her feet. I actually don’t even own a pair of regular flip flops anymore because I am so consumed by all the detailed, over the top sandals and I quickly regretted that when I saw her looking so comfortable, relaxed and yet completely fashionable in them.

What I loved most about this Fashionista is the way she reacted when I asked to take her picture for a fashion blog. She was completely surprised and actually laughed when I approached her because she felt she hadn’t put her best effort into her outfit. However, this is exactly what I love about fashion and trends. They are you! Anyone can follow a trend, but it takes true talent to throw an outfit together full of trendy pieces and make it your own personal style the way this Fashionista did.

Hint: Finding the perfect wash for a jean jacket can be tough. If you are buying your first one, I strongly recommend a light wash as it is less harsh. Once you get used to jean jackets, then start exploring the other washes! 

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