TREND: Fashion and Finals- A Winning Combination

Thanksgiving Break is long gone and the most dreaded time of the year for college students is creeping up fast. Before us kids get to go home for three weeks and enjoy doing nothing but staying in our pajamas until 2:00, we have to suffer the worst. It’s finals time. For some, finals can be great if your teachers are merciful. For others, finals are a time of pain, tears, baggy eyes, coffee, and your iPod on shuffle for 32 hours straight. With so much stress and work to do, the last thing on many people’s minds is fashion. Who has time to look nice when there are papers to write and tests to take? During this hectic time, added with the nasty weather, it is so much easier to grab your comfiest sweater, oldest pair of sweatpants and call it a day. However, today’s Fashionista shows us it’s okay to be fashionable, comfortable and studious all at the same time.

The main component of this Fashionista’s outfit is comfort. Her dress is just loose enough to be comfortable, but she cinches it with a belt to create a little form. Her baggy, wool sweater is the perfect piece of clothing to keep her warm walking to and from the library and soft enough to feel like her favorite hoodie. After all, no one wants to be itchy and constricted when pulling an all-nighter. Her tights are the perfect cross between jeans and sweatpants. They have the slim fit and fashionableness as jeans, but are stretchy and relaxed like sweatpants – the perfect combination when you’re planning on staying long hours inside, buried in books. This Fashionista proves that there is such a thing as fashionable finals.

Hint: If you are really opposed to the cold weather, try an oversized sweater that covers your whole body, down to your knees. It’s great for comfort and keeping away the frigid winds.

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