TREND: Fashionable Furry Feet

Nothing is better than utter comfort this winter. Curling up next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate sounds just perfect while getting out of our warm beds only to brave the cold winter sounds like a nightmare. Take some of the comfy warmth on the street with fabulous furry boots. Often when thinking about furry boots, we think of boots lined with fur on the inside, not outside. Boots with furry exteriors make a fun fashion statement this winter that other boots do not. While many are not fans of UGGS, when the temperature drops, they start coming out. This fall, they have made a fashion statement with their Sheepskin Cuff Boot. Admittedly, they do look a little funky, but in a good way. Unlike the UGGS, the Manitobah Mukluks Suede Boot is a little plusher. The beadwork detailing is reminiscent of moccasins and the pom poms are adorable. Or, check out some boots that are furry from the top down like this Fashionista’s. She looks effortlessly chic in her gray leopard print sweater tunic, leggings and her black fur boots. The fluffy fur boots look best with leggings or skinny jeans. These Tory Burch boots are definitely a splurge, but they are ski lodge-chic. Keep your feet toasty this winter in some fashionable furry boots going to class or up to the slopes. 

Hint: Check the weather report before leaving class. Furry boots are made for walking, but not in the rain! Nothing is worse than wet soggy boots. 

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