TREND: Faux Fur

The cold winter weather can seem to drag on with below zero temperatures, snowy roads and icy walks to class after the holiday season with hopes that spring will come a little sooner this year. The weather isn’t the only drag during this time of year; college wardrobes may too become droning, wearing the same winter jacket day after day. After spotting this Fashionista, I realized you could spice up your cold weather ensemble by simply opting for faux fur to keep you warm during the long stretch of the winter season.

This Fashionista traded in her winter coat and chose to shield herself from the cold with a faux fur vest layered with a neutral colored turtleneck keeping the vest the focal point of her outfit. Completing her look with leather boots and gloves accented in gold studs keeps this Fashionista looking effortlessly stylish.

Faux fur is so versatile, you can choose to dress it up by wearing a faux fur coat over a little black dress when going out at night or dressing it down for a chilly walk to class by selecting a faux fur vest paired with jeans and a turtleneck or sweater of your choice. Either way you decide to wear faux fur, keeping the look simple is key. The fur should be the focus of the outfit, adding a few accessories if needed. Another trick when wearing faux fur is sticking to neutral hues like brown, black, or gray, any other color may take away from the luxurious look.

Hint: If you are more reserved, try adding faux fur to your wardrobe in moderation. You can subtly wear boots or gloves trimmed in faux fur and still be apart of this growing, fashionable trend.

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