TREND: Faux Fur Real

The debate is still out as to whether or not fur should have a place in fashion, but as far as this style guru can see, the solution is simple: go faux like this Fashionista did! This Fashionista wore her fabulous faux fur hat to class and made an impressive statement. Worn with her button down jacket and denim shorts, she pops from the Boston fashion scene.

Wearing fur doesn’t have to be a huge stigma. Faux fur is just as stunning without the moral dilemma. Lots of outlets offer faux fur items that are significantly cheaper than real fur and just as fashionable. Neiman Marcus has a gorgeous ivory faux fur coat from Juicy Couture and Target offers a faux fur Trapper Hat. Fabulous Furs also has a Crop Jacket and a Shoulder Topper that would look stunning on any Fashionista. Find your faux fur and wear it proudly.

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