TREND: Faux Fur, Real Style

I bought a faux fur hat at H&M two weeks ago. While I think it’s fabulous, it has gotten mixed reviews. Some of my friends think it’s fashion-forward and fabulous, while others think it looks like I have an animal perched on top of my head. In my opinion, a little bit of fur adds a whole lot of glamour to any outfit, anytime – I don’t care what my friends say.

This Fashionista jazzes up a basic outfit with a not-so-basic coat. Throwing her faux fur jacket over a long-sleeved T-shirt and skinny jeans adds spunk to an otherwise plain ensemble. Accessorized with staples such as black boots and a black infinity scarf, this Fashionista is ready to prowl Commonwealth Avenue in style.

Unleash your inner animal with a faux-fur jacket of your own, or try a faux-fur vest to mix it up. For daytime, layer your outerwear of choice over classic pieces like this Fashionista did. For a sexy nighttime look, layer your vest over a gauzy black top and a black miniskirt. Top it off with sky-high pumps or heeled lace-up booties and smoky eye shadow for maximum impact.

If full-on faux fur outerwear is too bold for your liking, try some in small doses: think a cozy tribal-print toggle jacket with a fur-trimmed collar, a faux-fur shrug over a filmy long-sleeved tee, or take a note from my fashion book and try a fur hat. Who cares what others think – you’ll look glamorous and feel like a total rock star.

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