TREND: Festive Flannel

It’s time for a break where we give thanks and eat lots and lots of food. On this relaxing holiday, there is nothing more to do than just hang out with family. Thanksgiving gives the green light to Christmas decorations – minus Starbucks who didn’t quite get the memo as red coffee cups are already the perfect accessory. But, more importantly, Thanksgiving is the calm before the storm. Before exams and the stress of buying presents, we are given the opportunity to sit on the couch and just watch humongous balloons parade around New York City. How do you look fashionable lounging around the house or frolicking among the fall foliage? The answer is flannel. Contrary to what some believe, flannel is not exclusive to hipsters or lumberjacks (ironic that the groups could not be more opposite?). Break out that flannel on campus and at home this fall. This Fashionista looks cute and comfortable on a cold day in her jeans, gray UGGS and a flannel jacket. She mixes her blue plaid with a tan and brown printed scarf to stay warm walking down Comm. Ave. Check out American Apparel for a great variety of flannels in different colors. Madewell also has these cute flannels that are perfectly tailored. This Splendid top is adorable and the perfect way to wear flannel in a different way than a traditional button-down. Relax this Thanksgiving in some flannel and be thankful we have the luxury of comfort this fall.

Hint: Sometimes, go borrow from the boys. Look in the guy’s department at Urban Outfitters when you are looking for some good flannel pieces. If the shirt is long enough, wear it as a tunic over a pair of leggings and boots. You will not only be comfortable in class, but fashionable as well.

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