TREND: Fierce in Folk Wear

These two Fashionistas were spotted looking fabulously original in summery ethnic prints on Kirkwood near Sample Gates. The Fashionista on the left wore a halter silk wrap dress from the Tibetan shop on Indiana Ave paired with a wide leather belt at the waist, brown leather thong sandals, and a printed fabric cross-body bag. The Fashionista on the right wore an Urban Outfitters blue and purple abstract printed dress with a yellow cross-body bag and blue TOMS shoes. I like how both Fashionistas wore their hair up to put the focus on the dresses and interesting prints.

This is a great look for the first few weeks of school, as it is lightweight and flowy, and makes you stand out among the crowd. The key to wearing vibrant prints clothing correctly is to keep the accessories simple, so as to allow the main item take center stage. Layering clothing, bangles, sandals, cross-body and chain strap bags, and wide belts help strengthen the look. There is now folk wear-inspired clothing available in mainstream clothing stores these days. I would also suggest checking out your local vintage stores as well as stores specializing in clothing of a specific culture to get a traditional authentic look. Maybe your clothes from another place in the world will inspire new travel!

Some Pieces To Get You Started:

1. Nordstrom Ethnic Ombré Scarf

2. Forever 21 Woven Dress and Tunic

3. The Folkwear Book of Ethnic Clothing from

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