TREND: First Day of Class Cool

With classes starting last week, Fashionistas came to class bearing the latest fall fashions. But since summer was still in the air and the key to acing your fist day look is to not look like you tried so hard, comfy casual was a staple to be seen on campus.

This Fashionista clearly hit the right note with her embellished sandals, loose top and cropped jean jacket. She made her mark in summer colors while keeping the darker hues of gray and black to remind passerby of the somewhat cloudy morning and that fall is approaching with the start of classes.

Her back to school look is perfect for the first day as it worked with the 80 degree weather and simultaneously prepared her for the possible chill that could be in lecture halls.

This outfit is also great because its versatility enables her to wear it with jeans or flats as we get later into September. Also, most college students don’t have an overabundance of closet space, so outfits that work for the first few weeks of school and last weeks of summer, and then carry-over to the fall are a must. If you’re out of state, the chance to revamp your wardrobe doesn’t arise until about Thanksgiving.

Hint: Fashionistas should strive to make the most of repeat items. Keeping a closet full of similar hues provides many options and having that light jean jacket makes it easy to add a pop of color and style to your look.

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