TREND: Flannel

The December 2010 issue of Lucky magazine listed 10 classic wardrobe pieces that readers would be daft to overlook. Listed among such staples as the slouchy cardigan and the ballet flat fell an item that has become a personal favorite of mine recently. This item is none other than the plaid button-down shirt. I agree wholeheartedly with the reverence of this fall staple and would like to take it one step further by suggesting the cozy comfort of a flannel plaid button-down shirt. Last year I purchased a gray and red flannel button-down, but I didn’t wear it until just recently. I could never decide what to wear it with, so it remained hanging in my closet all winter and then all summer until I discovered the charcoal gray Pixie pant from J. Crew. They fit like a legging, but are thicker and provide more structure—perfect for hiding any imperfections.

So, having enjoyed my own flannel plaid button-down shirt for several months now, I was elated to see this Fashionisto doing the same. I like the large scale pattern of his shirt, and the stitched collar adds a bit of humor to the look. I am especially fond of the way he paired a non-traditional button-down shirt with a blazer. This look would be great on both men and women alike. I have been meaning to pair my own navy blazer with a denim or chambray button-down.

Hint: Try Old Navy for a great selection of colorful flannel—the men’s styles look great on women too!

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