TREND: Flaunt Your Fur

Recently, there has been an unbearable ice-cold wind whipping its way through campus, making that short walk to class seem like a battle against the elements. On days like that, students are bundled in every warm piece in their wardrobe possible; however, on days that are equally as cold, but minus the wind, there is not a need to wear as much. The cold still requires a sensible balance between your various articles of clothing and the necessary warm ones are still vital; one particular type of clothing always seems to make an appearance around campus, whether it is in the form of a vest, jacket, hat and even a bag on occasion: Fur. I would definitely say fur vests have exploded in popularity this year, with multiple people sporting them on a daily basis. However, this Fashionista branched away from the norm with her full-on fur hat, which even has little pompoms dangling from it for an extra effect. I can only imagine the comfort and warmth this hat must provide on windy days, protecting her head from the unwanted wisps of cold air. Even on a milder day, like today, it is the ideal piece to finish off an outfit. Sometimes we just don’t feel like putting on another pair of boots or another down jacket, and we jump at the opportunity on a warmer day to deviate from the usual. A fur hat such as this can act as a regulator: easy to put on when cold and take off when overheated. Even though I do not (yet) own a fur hat such as this Fashionista’s, one of my favorite fur accessories are my earmuffs. Again, they are ideal for those windy days when my ears tend to freeze up as soon as I step outside. So bundle up one way or another, but don’t forget to throw in an article of fur, ideally on your head to heat things up (literally).

Hint: This Fashionista’s exact hat can be found at a fun little boutique in Georgetown called Relish, so step off M Street and venture to Cady’s Alley where it is nicely tucked away. Alternatively, a similar one – pompoms and all – can be found at The Outnet. Either version is the perfect way to keep your head happy and warm as you bear the cold.

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