TREND: Flirty Fifties

Fashion is cyclical and history always seems to repeat itself with trends across the globe. High waists, ruffles, polka dots and chic glasses are all the rage right now. However, this is not the first time these items have been hot in street style fashion. The 1950s is a great example of a decade of fashion at its finest, and so many trends from this era seem to be slowly making their way back into our closets.

Dressing like a '50s gal is easy, especially during summertime. Just think fun and flirty, like this Fashionista. She donned an adorable black and white polka dot tank top and tucked it into her pleated, high-waisted black shorts. It was the perfect amount of clothing to keep her cool on a warm summer day. Her classic red lips stood out perfectly against her fair skin and platinum blonde hair. They served as the perfect bold counterpart to the girly nature of the polka dot top. Her vintage purse and vintage Ray-Bans contributed to the feeling that this really was an ensemble from the past.

When dressing for a particular past decade, it's important to incorporate more modern pieces into your ensemble. This Fashionista rocked a great pair of lace-up military boots which toughened her look a little bit. Boots like hers will add some edge to an otherwise dainty outfit. The chocolate brown color helped balance out the outfit by breaking up the black and white theme. The bun on top of her head was sleek and pulled the look together quite nicely.

Hint: A great place to shop for a '50s-inspired ensembles is a vintage shop. You can find one-of-a-kind pieces at reasonable prices. However, if digging through lightly used clothing isn’t really your thing, try this semi-sheer polka dot top. It is the perfect color for summer and will transition well into the fall months. Or, this adorable high-waisted skirt with a black lace slip would be perfect for a modernized '50s ensemble. If you’re just looking to incorporate a few polka dots into your outfit, try this scrunchie. Wear your hair in a high pony or bun so the dots can be seen by all.

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