TREND: Floral Accents, Even In Rain

Boston weather has always been a tease. The sun can be shining one day, and then all of a sudden raining the next. Almost everyone was thrilled to have such a nice day earlier this week, so it's no surprise that the gloomy weather today was a huge downer. But a great way to liven up a dreary day is to wear bright colors and patterns. And this, is where floral prints come in. 

This Fashionista definitely received the memo that floral prints are all the rage this season. She jazzes up the usual trench coat with rain boots with her multi-color scarf. This accessory makes a huge difference, allowing her entire outfit to be more fun and playful. You can find a variety of styles when it comes to floral prints, so don't be afraid to mix it up. Whether you drape this pale green spring floral snood from Topshop or adorn your neck with this vibrant floral silk scarf from DKNY, all of these designs would liven up any outfit. Even this floral mini festival bag from Oasis would be the perfect touch of floral accents on any outfit. 

Whatever floral print accessory you choose, they all work with a trench coat on a rainy day. Everyone knows this coat is a basic necessity to have in the back of the closet, ready to whip out whenever the weather's downcast. For a similar coat that this Fashionista has, Burberry's honey cotton trench coat is a classic. This pocketed trench coat by Michael Kors is also another style that would look beautiful whatever the weather. 

In a city where the weather is so fickle, it's great to mix up seasonal prints and integrate them in any way into your wardrobe. And you can always buy a clear umbrella, like this Fashionista did, to show off your finely crafted look on Commonwealth Ave. 

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