TREND: Floral Dress Never Die

Summer in Eugene is a gorgeous season to dress up because all the rain and wet, cloudy, nasty things that spread out half the year were far far behind us. It's time to dig through our wardrobes to find something nice and charming to put on. No matter if it's your vintage dress that your mother or your grandmother gave you, or it's your night-out-dancing dress, as long as you are creative you can dress like a rock star.

I recently spotted my peers around campus choosing styles that definitely embodied bohemian looks such as dainty floral 70s dresses, with masculine elements like a vest, Oxford shoes and a straw hat. 

I absolutely adore how this Fashionista wears her floral dress. The patterns of the dress are very eye-catching because of the contrast with the hue of her hair. This outfit will even be better if more accessories being added such as a little cute brown-colored belt, which will definitely be the icing on the cake. 

What I really like about this Fashionista's ensemble are her Westwood and Melissa sandals. It is a classic-like ballet shoe, yet edgy with  little buckles. Westwood and Melissa sandals are unique because of their ideology of ecology. These shoes are all made of completely ecological plastic MEFLEX. This idea behind Vivienne Westwood and Eco-design brand Melissa sandal proves that Fashionistas can be fashionable and take part of the green movement. 

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