TREND: Floral dresses

As I am on my Spring Break in San Diego, I could not help but notice the warm weather, the bright sun, and, of course, the fashion! In New York, the weather is just beginning to get nicer, but black and grays are usually the dominant colors worn by most students. In San Diego, students dress optimistically, breaking out shorts, tank tops, and dresses. A cool hangout place for students near campus is called he “cliffs,” named so because it is a cliff overlooking the beautiful ocean. Our fashionista below is at the cliffs wearing a brown sleeveless dress with a bright, tropical floral pattern. It’s a bit chilly when the sun starts to set, so a knee-length dress is a perfect option. We’ve seen florals become a trend every spring, but it’s nice to see a different kind of floral! Topshop, as always, has many cute floral dresses, but few are like this option with big, bold floral statements. It’s time to stray away from the usual allover floral dresses and onto a different set of colors and patterns for the coming spring! Here is another dress, with a more tropical twist to it; bright enough to outshine all the dull colors of the winter.

Hint: When wearing any kind of floral dress, pair it with something solid and simple like our fashionista’s choice of a black cardigan. You don’t want to distract the attention from the florals! Enjoy the great weather and show it through your outfit!

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