TREND: Floral Fun

I know what you're thinking, Boston what’s up with your bi-polar weather! Slush one day, and fifty degrees the next! Will it ever be warm again? Well trust me Fashionistas/os, the real spring will be here soon, but in the mean time you can take advantage of the crazy weather and get creative in your closet!

When the weather is getting in the way of your seasons, you have to take things into your own hands! This week’s Fashionista does that perfectly in her floral romper, paired with sheer tights and boots. Floral prints are all the rage this spring season, but when most of your floral pieces are for warmer weather it can be difficult to incorporate them into an outfit that is supposed to face the colder elements, however this week's Fashionista solves that problem by adding a blazer layered over a sweater and a scarf to her ensemble. She stays cozy if its chilly but her look still has a fun spring twist.

Boston is definitely lacking in the flower department, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to! Mix in some spring blooms like this week’s Fashionista by adding a floral romper like this Printed Deep-V Romper or this Silence & Noise Racerback Romper. Inspired by this Fashionista’s look, wear your romper over a pair of tights like these Daisy Floral Pattern Tights. On a chilly day, you can still get the floral look by donning a blouse like this Black Daisy Print Silk Cami with some dark wash jeans and a sweater. Just looking for a subtle flowery look? These Tiny Tea Rose Posts earrings are sure to bring your ears some much-needed attention. Bring a little floral fun to your next spring outfit!

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