TREND: Frills for Thrills

As the last weeks of the semester roll by and final exams loom closer, many Fashionistas get overwhelmed by the stress of finishing coursework and writing those last essays. But being stressed is no excuse to look dowdy.

I spotted this Fashionista studying outside of the GSU for one of her exams. Exam hype gets to the best of us, but this Fashionista managed to still look stylish while getting her work done.

What made this Fashionista stand out from the crowd was her gorgeous frilled dress. Frills are great for spring, since they convey a sense of youth and vivacity.

This Fashionista also did a great job of accessorizing her outfit. When you make a statement as bold as frills, less is more when it comes to accessories. This Fashionista’s long chain and chunky ring, bring a simple elegance to her pre-exam stress outfit. If you really like the minimalist look for accessories, you could wear this black triple bracelet and call it a day.

Hint: Try a caged shoe or a nice leather clutch to transition this great daytime look to night.

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