TREND: From Internship to Interview- The Shoes Have it!

After my last budget-minded intern post, I saw this Fashionista and was delighted to see her outfit choice as she headed to DC, I am always intrigued by pops of color. The surprise of the red shoe really gives this look a kick. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rihanna have added many hues to our shoe lust, from bold to sparkly, they aren't holding back. When you've got to have the funk in your fashion, your shoes are the perfect outlet to show some color during an interview. You'll be sitting down so your prospective employer will probably only catch them after you have wowed them with your talent, and are heading out the door. Bright, fun shoes will help you walk in with confidence – the key ingredient to landing the job! What is great about this look is that it is tailored and modest where it counts, but the feminine and playful details that really show her personality! She is interview ready with her filmy white blouse from Urban Outfitters, black floral headband and cropped pants from JCrew, and BCBG hot red patent-leather sling-backs. The best part? The shoes were bought at TJ Maxx, and the JCrew gear from an outlet. A girl after my own heart, she bought mix and match affordable and neutral pieces, and added spice with her accessories!

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