TREND: Fancy Footwear

This past week has been full of transitions – back into classes, a new room, and a new wardrobe, but one aspect of being back on campus that I didn’t think about until I saw this Fashionisto, was being surrounded by guys who all dress the same. The same khaki shorts with a T-shirt, the jeans with a V-neck, a button up with bottom – you name it, the majority of the guys here dress pretty similar. After being in London all summer I liked the variety of men’s outfits I saw throughout the city, whether it was adding a necklace that hardly anyone here would ever think of wearing or throwing on suspenders with a casual outfit, there were loads of unique, creative outfits. Back on campus the all-American look is definitely the most worn and easiest to accomplish trend for guys. However, this one Fashionisto breached the boundaries of the college look while not over doing it at all. His sandalds are definitely the part of the outfit that caught my eye first, drawing me in to examine the rest of his outfit, impressing me with every piece.

Around campus I almost expect to see guys sporting various types of trainers, boat shoes, loafers, flip flops – all the men’s shoes you’re used to seeing. These shoes are almost a hybrid between a loafer, with the semi-closed toe and covered part on the top of his foot and then sandals with the strappy side and the eye catching ankle strap. They are sophisticated, yet laid back and cooler than normal loafers – perfect for the hot days in D.C. His cut off jean shorts and Lacoste polo are both simple staple pieces of clothing and easy to just throw on and are ideal because they allow the concentration to be on his shoes. The watch is his finishing touch, which is big, bold and gold. This statement watch completes the balance of his outfit, being noticeable but not too loud. So guys, my hint for you today is to be brave and try a new pair of shoes. This Fashionisto’s sandals are by a Korean designer, however these Lacoste shoes are a good pair to branch away from you’re typical trainer and are perfect to transition into fall with. 

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