TREND: Fur-tastic!

Looking back on my childhood, I remember constantly walking around my house wearing my mother's long fur coats and sky high heels that barely fit. I was so mesmerized by the softness of the coat and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to wear my own and travel to work in the city. State College, Pa. is not as glamourous or as up to date as I imagined, but once in a while you see a glimmer of hope beyond all other that someone out there on campus is dressing just as fashionably as you are. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week just passed, and the new trends for spring and fall 2011 are in. Students at Penn State are taking it into their own hands. This Fashionista took the well known fur trend that we saw during the fall right into the new semester while tweaking it just in time for spring. Fur can either be a hit or miss, and on the Penn State campus most trends do not go over too well. Students rarely take fashion risks, instead they tend to play it safe and their outfits become almost monotone day after day. This daring girl took a risk with her furry outfit when I spotted her outside of Beaver Stadium. She paired her dark blue jeans with a gold long sleeve shirt from Forever 21, brown fur vest from Nordstrom, and dark brown leather boots from Aldo. She kept the colors of her outfit fairly neutral while adding a little pop of glamour with her gold shirt and, of course, over the top vest.

The faux fur look has been around for decades, but is usually geared towards older generations until recently. I am still not old enough to sport one of my mother’s knee length fur coats, but I am just the right age to translate it into one of the runway looks that have been seen for younger women. Wearing fur as a vest is a more youthful and playful look, and you can find them in almost any color. Sporting a fur vest like this Juicy Couture black reversible one can keep it casual and safe while going to class. This white Alberto Makali one is a little more daring and can be seen anywhere from going to class to going downtown with your friends.

Hint: These fur vests can be taken from day to night with just the right tweak. Simply pair a bold color vest with a little black dress, tights and heels for the perfect sociable outfit that is sure to get everyone talking!

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