TREND: Get Creative with Nudes

Nude color items are the must haves for your fall fashion wardrobe. From basic cotton to silk fabric, nude colors look sophisticated and classy on the female body. Nude tops can be paired with almost anything from your classic denim, dressy black slacks, high-waisted skirts, or with any white bottoms. It’s perfect for your day in the office or day out in the town. 

This hue has the power to not only compliment any skin tone, but also whatever accessory and makeup you decide to wear. Bold colored earrings, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, and handbags would create a dramatic look paired with such a simple color as nude. It’s always fun to break out of the box and add all sorts of colors. Nude makes it safe to do so!

Nude was a very popular trend at Copenhagen, Denmark Fashion Week. Ivan Grundahl, Margit Brandt, and BZR found exquisite ways to accessorize their nude pieces!

This Fashionista is wearing a ruffled nude top with a gathering at the waist. Although she is wearing white shorts as her bottoms, she is casual enough to browse at the mall yet dressy enough to have a dinner date. The nude color makes her bright orange earrings and rainbow colored sandals look vibrant and make her overall appearance look exciting and fun!

Hint: For the upcoming season, try pairing nude with black bottoms to create a sophisticated and sexy look. The draped neckline on this tunic from Forever 21 looks elegant and adds emphasis to the outfit. 

I think its safe to say that nude is most definitely the new black!


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