TREND: Get Dolled Up

The winter holidays are finally in our midst, which really only means one thing: start dressing it up! Recently, faux fur has made its way into the trend world as a perfect piece for the cool weather. But I've heard numerous Fashionistas around campus discussing their struggle about how to rock their favorite fur piece appropriately, and the excitement of the holidays is a great opportunity to perfect the technique. While you could opt for a less casual look by complementing the fur with a pair of jeans and flats, I love how much you can dress up a vest to really stand out. This Fashionista glams it up perfectly, and she's a great model for how to prepare for holiday dinners. She apears in quintessential New York style; she terrifically sports an oversized, comfortable white tunic over a unique pair of shiny leggings, adorable black suede booties, and a big fur vest to finish the outfit. The four pieces make for a comprehensive, savvy look, without overdoing it. I love her confidence in wearing the distinctive leggings with the high heeled ankle boots, looking fabulous on her way to class.

I also adore how this Fashionista complimented her bold vest with a large brown leather bag to carry her books to class, adding to the different tones she's wearing. Without wearing too many colors, her style is perfectedly dressed up, without being too flashy. She truly keeps it adorable and classy, while following the latest trend.

Hint: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, follow the latest fur trend, but add a little bit of thrill to your outfit. Opt for an adorable pair of fall-friendly high heeled boots for a unique style. You'll look adorable and fully dressed to impress!

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