TREND: Get Skintimate

How much skin is too much skin? There has always been that debate on what is actually appropriate for day. A mini skirt and a strappy tank top may suffice, but when your hemline is up to here and your neckline is down to there, it gets a little messy. After passing this Fashionista on campus, I decided that a one-shoulder dress is the answer.

The one-shoulder trend is a versatile one, adding the perfect elements for both day and night. When traveling between classes or going on a lunch date, it contributes just the right amount of sexiness. On the other hand, when spending a night out or hitting the club, it gives support without the overwhelming coverage of long sleeves. This Fashionista incorporates this look into a three-quarter sleeve mini dress in turquoise, which complements her skin tone flawlessly. She keeps the rest of her outfit simple, focusing solely on the ensembles asymmetry and the pattern that adorns it. By pulling back her hair, she continues this effect by clearly exposing the biased neckline.

Not just versatile in a day-to-night sense, it can work with any type of style or look. From fun to classic, bright to neutral, long-sleeved to short-sleeved, one-shouldered dresses will spice up an outfit in whatever way that you choose.

Hint: If you’re feeling extra trendy, a one-shouldered romper makes an amazing combination. I am especially obsessed with this Camilla and Marc one.

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