TREND: Getting Graphic

Just because summer is the perfect time to relax around your house does not mean that you should frump around in a T-shirt and basketball shorts or a bathing suit all of the time. Take this Fashionista’s outfit for example, while she out and about in the city she wore comfortable outfit, yet something that still displays her sense of style.

The main focus of this Fashionista’s look is her bright blue graphic tee. I am sure that most of you CollegeFashionista’s out there own one or two of these, but if not they are extremely easy to find! Stores like Urban Outfitters and TopShop have so many different variations in their line-up of clothing. If you are not feeling any of those they make sure to check out your local flee market or Salvation Army store because there are bound to be some fun, and maybe wacky, options there. And remember you can always add your own personal touches to these types of tops to make them your own, perhaps make it a tank top instead of a T-shirt… or where ever your DYI-ing heart desires.

The next part of her outfit is her high waisted T-shirt material skirt. These are a great piece to have in your wardrobe! Skirts like these can easily be dressed up or down and extremely comfortable. They are perfect for an everyday look.

Next up are the accessories, for shoes she wore a pair of KedsVans type of shoes which are great because they look good and are comfortable; it does not get much better than that. This Fashionista chose a cross body bag which is a personal favorite because of the ease that comes with not having to constantly hoist a bag back onto your shoulder. The last accessory are her headphones which add so much character to her outfit without any effort.

If you are in a midsummer rut related to your daily look then I would definitely try to emulate this Fashionista’s easy to wear, yet effortlessly cool look.  

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