TREND: The Power of A Scarf

If I had to choose only one accessory that I would use forever, I would pick a scarf. A scarf is the perfect accessory all year around. Whether it’s summer or winter, adding a scarf converts any outfit from blab to fab! Depending on the type and style, a scarf can have loads of possible uses. Case in point is this Fashionista. She definitely knows how to pick and use her scarf well.

We all know that chunky knits are in style right now for they are seen all over the streets and runways of Fall 2010 particularly in Michael Kors, Céline, Rag and Bone and so much more. This fashionsta definitely hit the right mark for her scarf is chunky and grey with pockets. She's using her scarf as a vest now. However, her scarf can also be worn around her neck with keeps her perfectly warm when fighting the bitter cold that has enveloped New York City for the past couple of months. Now who says an accessory can’t be functional too?

The other great thing about scarves is that they are multifunctional. You can wear it around your neck, or around your head as a headband or even tie it on your bag for a bag charm. Another use for it is if the scarf is big enough, you can also wear it as a top! Just wrap it around you and tie the ends together. Viola! The possibilities are endless and you are only limited by your imagination. Now go out and find the right scarf for you! In the words of Rebecca Bloomwood from the Confessions of the Shopaholic, “It’s a desperately important scarf.”

Hint: In finding the right scarf, you don't really have to follow current trends. You just have to make sure it doesn’t overpower you too much. If you get a color or pattern that doesn’t suit you, it might just make your outfit look worse. Check in the mirror first before buying one and try to think of ways you can use it. 

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