TREND: Give Me a Hoods-Up

One of the reasons I love spring outerwear is because it's much more wearable than its name suggests. Unlike a heavy winter jacket, insulated with 80 degrees worth of down feathers that have you sweating the moment you step inside, a spring jacket is light enough to keep on indoors and outdoors, rain or shine. Whether you're partial to denim or leather, or prefer a hooded anorak with a rugged cargo-inspired vibe, the options are endless when it comes to spring suiting; there's a fit, color and fabric for every Fashionista.

I love today's Fashionista's style because she looked cool and casual walking down the green on a cloudy day that brought on-and-off rain and a slew of wardrobe worries for UD students. It had stopped raining when I spotted her, and as I schlepped by her carrying an umbrella that no longer served any real purpose, I couldn't help but mentally praise her for choosing a hooded jacket that morning. Even by the time the weather had dried up, this Fashionista played the part of effortlessly edgy in her camel-colored cargo jacket and black Dr. Martens. She looked sleek in a mixture of simple neutral tones highlighted by black leggings, an oversized gray shirt and a darker gray sweater layered underneath her jacket. To me, this Fashionista's thoughtful mix of elements created a cool, bold look that broke the mold of bright colors and florals we've been seeing so frequently this season.

Hint: The featured Fashionista demonstrates just one way to rock a spring jacket. If you're partial to military-inspired pieces and army green garments with a rugged feel, try DKNY's short anorak or Madewell's distinctly utilitarian Over & Out jacket. For a night out, pair a cropped leather blazer from ASOS with a floral dress, or give onlookers something to gawk at with a bright pop of color over a solid dress and heels.

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