TREND: Glitz and Glam

Well, folks, I have news for you: the '80s are back – truthfully, they’ve been back for a while, but not like this. I have never seen them come back as strongly as I have this year. Forever 21, for example, is filled with the glitz and the glam of the decade, and it shows quite prominently through their jewelry and embellished clothing. Glitter was a key trend of the '80s and I can see why it’s back now – it can decorate even the simplest look and turn it into day-to-night wear. Glitter and glitz come in all shapes in sizes: it can be in the form of rhinestones, gemstones, pearls, and metallic pieces.

Bat-wing sweaters and metallic threads are raging this season. This week’s Fashionista picked up a vintage, batwing, striped sweater from a New York thrift store (one of the best places to go thrifting, if you ask me). She pairs it nicely with a pair of skinny jeans and dark brown suede boots, giving her outfit a simple aesthetic. The glittery threads and the bold colors of the sweater give her outfit an edgier feel. The vertical stripes are by far my favorite feature of the sweater because they elongate the body, as opposed to horizontal stripes, which usually widen it.

Be on the lookout for vertical stripes because they are everywhere. You will most commonly find them adorning an asymmetrically cut shirt or a dress from stores like Madewell and Bloomingdale’s. I would recommend hopping on the glitter trend first, however, because shimmery clothing is great to wear during the day and on a night out. American Apparel has some great glittery clothing like their bodycon spandex dresses and leggings.

Enter spring with some glitter and glam. It never hurts. Go all out and be bold! After all, this is the perfect time to let your look shine, no pun intended!

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