TREND: Go-To-Look

Good morning Fashionistas and Fashionistos! As college students we struggle to "rise and shine in style" because were usually running on less than seven hours of sleep. The reason behind this varies between cramming for morning exam to writing 15 page papers. Whatever the circumstance we realize time is our enemy. If we're rushing to get to get class, we have very little time to prep for style. I must say this is a killer for me, but when I'm in a hurry I always have my "Go-To-Look". When trying to beat the clock, what's your Go-To-Look?

Today's Fashionista highlights a few of my "go-to" pieces when I'm trying to race the clock. She is sporting a leather jacket with gold zipper accents, which is really a versatile piece to have in your closet readers! Whether dressed up or down, the leather jacket serves as the frame to any artistic ensemble. Our fashionista complements her jacket with a nice navy plaid tunic and linen scarf. The blending of textures and colors really add a clear vision to this look. The causal aim is emphasized with a nice pair of light denim jeans and day heels. Any woman who can walk the streets, of this twin-city campus, in heels is a true Fashionista! Her attire is definitely causal at it's best!

Hint: The key to this look is understanding what pieces really work well together. When in a rush, leather jackets are great starter pieces to shape your look. If you have less than an hour to get ready, accessorize with a patterned scarf, or unique jewelry pieces to personalize your look. Definitely, check out ASOS for jewelry. Remember, springtime is here, so why not try floral patterned skirts or dresses to substitute the denim jeans. As for footwear, heels on campus may not be the best option for comfort, but who said fashion fits physical needs. Browse Aldo for hot springs styles, but if you choose to cop out it's ok because the site has a wonderful flat selection. Happy shopping!

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