TREND: Go Big or Go Home

To keep the '70s theme going on from my last post, I introduce to you the big, bold floppy hat. This trend was originally started in the seventies by retro fashion icons such as Cher and Faye Dunaway. Now today we see fashion icons such as the Kardashians and Kate Moss rock it better than ever. This big-brimmed hat has many purposes, whether it is blocking out the bright hot sun from your eyes or holding your hair back when you are having “one of those days.” Whatever it is worn for, this trend is a must-have for the summer 2011 season.

There is no doubt that this big-brimmed hat makes a bold statement within our summer wardrobes. Some may be to shy to show it off but to those who are not, make sure you add up the right outfit with this accessory. This Fashionista from American University turns heads with her big black brimmed hat from J. Crew and is not afraid to show off her fashionable side! She pairs it up with a silk striped tunic from Urban Outfitters. It is undeniable that stripes are a versatile trend no matter what the weather is outside. Pairing the stripes up with the silk gives off a summery feel. This Fashionista adds a simple white elastic mini skirt by Guess to complete the outfit. Last but not least, she puts on a tan wedge by Dolce Vita, her top shoe for the summer!

This fashion trend goes to show that the saying “Go Big or Go home” applies to a lot more than just sports! So find your inner retro chick inside of you and let it out this summer!

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TREND: Go Big or Go Home!

Ask almost any University of Iowa student what their favorite part of the fall semester is and I guarantee the answer is going to be Hawkeye football. With the Orange Bowl championship under our belt and the recent Hawkeye win over Iowa State, school spirit is at an all-time high. With our school colors pretty much pumping through our veins as we blare Wiz Khalifa’s new jam, Black and Yellow, tailgating has become the newest reason to be creative with our wardrobe. Settling for the basic T-shirt from the bookstore is no longer an option; Fashionista/os are getting more creative and outgoing with their football attire.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of how to go all out to support your school and look stylish doing it. Black and gold are the main color components of this outfit, and she didn’t settle with just wearing the school colors to show her Hawkeye pride. She made this outfit her own. Getting creative with her (once) basic T-shirt was the first step to making this look one-of-a-kind. She cut a wide neck to give the shirt the ability to fashionably fall off her shoulder. She then decided to chop it up and add black beads. The simple addition of the beads to the ends of the cut fabric transformed what could have been a pretty standard outfit into a black and gold fashion statement. 

Her outfit becomes even more successful with small, yet effective, decisions in regards to her sports bra, cap, and shoes. The black and white polka-dotted sports bra only shows on the side of the shoulder exposed, but having a pattern adds some playfulness. Also, the backwards Iowa hat, like the polka-dotted sports bra, added an element of fun as well. The black, sparkly Chuck Taylors were the perfect shoe for this outfit, and she even customized them with Hawkeye stickers just for the game. She didn't let the rain stop her fun either, instead just grabbed an umbrella with a crazy pattern. Again, it was little additions that made the outfit as a whole so unique and full of spirit! 

With Homecoming fast approaching, all of you Fashionista/os should take this opportunity to try what this Fashionista did – make a tailgating outfit your own! Turn an XXL hoodie into an oversized crew neck that you wear with leggings, try cutting up your T-shirt in a new way, add some beads to your boring school T-shirts, or wear a pair of shoes that you have customized just for the day. Create a look that lets everybody know who you will be cheering for in the stands. And remember, if your football team is looking good this season, be the best fan you can be and try to look even better.

Hint: Simple sports bras and basics can be found at Target! Try something different like tie-dye or a fun color. The best Hawkeye apparel, including hats, T-shirts, and stickers, can be found at the Iowa Hawk Shop or Iowa Book, and don’t forget you can make anything you find there your own! My favorite shoes to make any tailgating look complete are either Chuck Taylors, similar to this Fashionista's, or Nike High Tops (they come in all different colors and styles, which makes them ideal for matching with almost any school color). Both make a statement on their own, and compliment basics such as T-shirts and jean shorts to give the outfit an extra kick! 

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TREND: Go Big Or Go Home

Every Fashionista knows that jewelry can be the "make it or break it" of every outfit. Earrings have always been my personal go-to when I need a little glam in my outfit, but lately the statement necklace has been inching its way into my, and hopefully your, wardrobe.

This Fashionista worked her chunky necklace for class, showing that a little sparkle can add a lot of fabulous to your everyday ensemble! A look-at-me piece can take any outfit from boring to bam in a second. Shopping for necklaces, the options are endless: ethnic, glam, tough or boho are just a few of the choices you have!

Hint: When donning a statement piece, keep the rest of your jewelry low key. Simple studs are enough; you don't want to overpower the fabulosity of your neckwear!

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