TREND: Go Bold or Go Home

With the arrival of May, I've seen many bright colors flock up and down Commonwealth Ave. The warm breeze and the slightly humid air has also allowed everyone to bring out their spring wear and it's been a delight. I've been hearing hushed statements of how red is the new it color this spring and to my surprise, I saw a glimpse of red everywhere I went. 

This Fashionista is a prime example of how you can wear red without looking too bold. She wears a bright button shirt but it drapes over her shoulders with ease which makes it look breezy and very spring-like. The color is just bright enough to catch people's attention without looking like a big STOP sign as well. Madewell has a variety of loose colorful shirts like this Silk Moss Bromley shirt or this Red Silk Intermission Top that are perfect for this spring. If you pair tops like these with a pair of  Levi Turn Up Shorts, you'll definitely turn some heads like this Fashionista did. These Vintage Cut Up Shorts are made from a lighter denim if you want to wear a more striking and bold top. 

Although her outfit is the simple colored-shirt with shorts combination, she wears it with effortless confidence. Her shoes also add some flair because the warm brown works well with the blue and red palette. This Frye Leather Perforated Slip Ons from Urban Outfitters are great for this spring because you can wear them without socks and they keep your feet cool. This Fashionista chooses a flashy watch, like this Michael Kors Resin Chronograph Watch, instead of a necklace, ring, or bracelet which works perfectly with the simplicity of the rest of her ensemble. 

Red is a bold color in general. But you can wear it with simple elegance by coordinating your outfit to look effortlessly fashionable. Whether you wear bold colors on the top or bottom don't be afraid to switch it up, mix and match and go bold. 

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