TREND: Go Playground Fun!

For UO Ducks, school officially starts this Monday! Even though more than 10 people complained to me that they are not ready for school, I noticed that CollegeFashionistas have already put on their best attire for the new year. It's such a transitional period for your wardrobe as many people still stick to the summer garb with their tank tops and shorts, while others have already started experimenting with fall outfits that have more layers, textures. Take for example the boyfriend cardigan– I spotted this Fashionista with her playful and cartoon-like pattern on her dress. It provided enough warmth for fall term, but also not lose any fun in summer. For this fall, sporting up one of the old school sweater or cardigan is a good choice for gearing up. However, try to keep your outfit as simple as possible, even when you have layers to wear on you can do this by wearing colors from the same palette.

Hint: My recommendation of this week is the 3/4 length skirt, because they are just so fun to wear. I believe it is perfect for the transitional time between summer and fall. You can wear them with a plain white T-shirt in a fairly hot day, but also with mini jacket and oxford shoes when the weather chills off.

I also spotted the length skirts in one of the recent posts of Natalie Off Duty. It is one of the fashion blogs that I really like and read regularly. If you are looking for a vintage, mix-up style, Natalie's blog is the place for you to get daily inspiration!

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