TREND: Go Wild

Dressing up as someone or something else for a night might have to be the best part of Halloween. We spend hours contemplating our costume purchases or some spend hours crafting a unique homemade costume. Why limit yourself by only doing this one day out of the entire year? This Fashionista showed me it was possible to do it more than once by creating an outfit that incorporated the passion and creativity we have for our Halloween costumes.

Incorporating animal prints is an easy way to replicate a Halloween costume into your every day wardrobe. Lately animal prints have been seen everywhere, especially on blouses and scarves. This Fashionista displayed another alternative for wearing our favorite animal prints. Instead of wearing typical black, brown, or grey leggings, try a pair that have a bold animal print to make a statement like these zebra inspired leggings

Since this Fashionista’s leggings were the main focus, the simplicity of the rest of the outfit is key to make these leggings work. You don’t want your clothes competing against each other for the spotlight so wearing solid colors on top is a must. Wearing a long denim jacket adds texture, yet it does not overpower her exotic leggings. To get a similar style, try this trench coat from Old Navy. It is the appropriate length to wear with a pair of leggings and is a necessity for the colder weather.

Hint: For another inspiring look, glance at the other Fashionista I found. She has a similar pair of leggings just in a red cheetah print.

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