TREND: “Goodwill Hunting”

People would usually turn heads when they see twins.  However, seeing double is not the only reason why these twins draw attention to themselves.  They are both highly experienced

in “goodwill hunting.”

Though I did not style them, their eclectic wardrobe inspired me.  They had sequined vests, embellished cardigans, all sorts of shoes and of course, Sophie’s collection of Ferbies.  But what really inspired the story for the photo shoot were the old-fashioned suitcases that were lying around in their room.  So, we quickly grabbed them and decided to create a “traveling companionship” storyline.

All accessories were spontaneously gathered, thrown on and off to see what best matched the contrast of their clothing.  Finally, it was time to leave as I awaited the reactions of fellow students at BU as we came down the elevators.  And yes, they did turn a lot of necks but I wasn’t surprised.

What I really like about Sophie’s and Emma’s style is their willingness to mix the old and the new.  They buy most of their clothes from thrift stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army as well as from Ebay.  Though most people turn their noses down on used clothing, vintage clothes can be fashionably worn with modern clothing.  Supermodels such as Coco Rocha love to shop at vintage shops such as Cheap Jack’s in downtown New York.  Besides, who wouldn’t love one-of-a-kind items in their wardrobe?

Tips for Goodwill Hunting:

Find a thrift store around your neighborhood.  Some of my favorites include: Beacon’s Closet, Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange.

Sometimes finding something strange is the best purchase you will ever make for your wardrobe.  Things such as multi-colored vests and blazers always spice up outfits that include basic staple clothing such as plain white t-shirts and leather black leggings.
First time thrifters usually have a hard time finding clothing in the pile of what looks like “dirty laundry.”  But practice makes perfect and you might find yourself with a one-of-a-kind Jean Paul Gaultier jacket someday.









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