TREND: Goody Two-Shoes

The word “oxford” conjures up a dozen images in the minds of many. A school, a city, a shirt, a dictionary, and, as of late, a shoe. If we have learned anything from trends past and present, it’s that classic style is always in fashion. The return of a classic this season where feet are concerned is the oxford shoe.

The defining characteristic of a true oxford is the perforated pattern on the toe known as the “wingtip.” But what’s most exciting about it’s renewed popularity is the multitude of varieties that have spawned from the original. This season ladies and gents alike are sporting the classic in the two-tone “spectator” version, in patent leather, on ballet flats, in an ankle lace-up variety, with an added wedge heel, with cutouts and lace, and in a plethora of shades bright and dark, perfect for the summer.

The best reason to add the oxford to your wardrobe is its versatility. While the heart cut-out type might not be the best in winter, if you find a high-quality leather version it can easily transition from spring to fall. This stylish Iowa City Fashionista donned a tan leather pair with braiding detail along the bottom. Accompanying her stems, she sported a vintage striped floral button down, dark-wash Capri skinny jeans, a long cross body leather bag, and wide frame black sunglasses. Plus, her short bob haircut was cute to boot.

Hint: What can you wear with your oxfords? Everything. Perfect for sundresses in the summer and knee-highs and plaid mini skirts in the fall. Find the shoe that’s right for you at Urban Outfitters. With twenty-three distinct and versatile oxfords, you’re sure to find that special pair.

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