TREND: Got Wheels?

You are going to need to get around this summer – I mean, there are tons of fun summer activities to attend to, right? But, you might ask, what is the coolest form of transportation this season? Of course there are convertibles, jet planes, and yachts; however, if we college students want to be more realistic, skateboards, longboards, bikes, and scooters seem quite a bit more fitting.

I spotted this Fashionista riding her longboard along the Galveston beach’s seawall. Not only does a longboard provide a chill and laid back form of transportation, but it is also super cool and chic. Being both stylish and smart is the epitome of chic, and a longboard conforms directly to this definition. It is extra economical and looks great with the right outfit. You can find this Fashionista’s longboard as well as other shapes and styles here.

The featured longboard-sporting Fashionista has paired a classic pair of cut-off denim shorts with a neon yellow-green tank top. Underneath her tank, she has on a lacy, patterned spaghetti strap shirt. To top off her look, she is wearing a trucker hat. Although she has a “skater style,” it is still fashionable and creatively composed when paired with her very cool and summertime-friendly longboard.

You can snag some cute cut off denim shorts here or create your own by taking a pair of scissors to an old pair of your favorite jeans. If you decide to go down the DIY path, you will be able to create your perfect longboard-riding length. A neon yellow tank with a loose fit will best cater to comfort. By pairing this tank with a patterned camisole or a colorful bandeau, you can transform a plain and boyish “skater style” into something that is a little more feminine. Top off your style with some cute sneakers and a trucker hat, and don’t forget your ride!

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