TREND: Graphic Art

As basic as a pair of jeans and a white shirt, graphic tees are considered to be an essential when it comes to building a wardrobe. They are as casual as they come and can be worn with a variety of things such as a pair of jeans, shorts, skirts and leggings if you would like. The thing with graphic tees is that they are so casual that it can sometimes cross the line between casually chic and just plain sloppy, especially if the graphic tee you are wearing is too much just like the Christian Audigier tattoo shirts. (Sorry, Jersey Shore cast.) In order not to get too caught up with the prints, pick just one main focal point. Find shirts or hoodies that are plain with a big print in the middle. The bigger, the better, as long as the print isn't too wild and busy. 

Just look at today's Fashionista. Even though her hoodie already had a black and white stripped pattern, the additional bear didn’t overwhelm it because it was still in the same color scheme. In fact, the bear added extra quirkiness to her outfit that made it all the more fun and interesting. Along with her graphic hoodie, she wore a a purple puffer jacket on top and some combat boots to ofset the cute factor of the bear and add some toughness into the mix. The end result? A punk inspired outfit that can easily be infused in our daily wardrobe, too.

Hint: You will never have a problem in finding graphic tees. Every store has them from Urban Outfitters to Nordstrom. Just remember to keep it simple and to stay away from prints that are too busy. Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse graphics are in right now so don’t be afraid to bring out the child in you!

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