TREND: Gray Matters

Sometimes, less is more.  Sometimes, wrong is right.  And sometimes, dull is dazzling.

This summer has been all about brights.  Lemon, periwinkle, hot pink — the brighter the better, whatever the sweater. Bright shorts, bright shoes, colors abound.  It's astounding.  Wherever there is a rainbow, though, there is a cloud. And it might just be a pretty one. 

Last weekend I attended downtown Iowa City’s Pride Parade. It was a sea of color. While clothing was actually optional at this event, the clothing that was present was all rainbows and flash. Men, women and children alike were donning all sorts of outrageous, multicolor outfits. You definitely needed polarized shades for the event. Then, out of nowhere, appeared that cloud I mentioned. Clad in gorgeous gray garments, this Fashionista brought some peace to my day.

Neutrals are classic.  Neutrals are appropriate for every season,  and for every person. This season, designers like Calvin Klein were keen on collections featuring a neutral look, and street style pictures across the country prove that many are imitating this.  Whether the pieces blended are shades of brown, beige or gray, these muted tones have become a must-wear trend on and off the runway.

This Fashionista was looking casual cool. Her light gray corduroy pants were a fresh touch compared to a campus stuck on denim.  My favorite garment of hers, however, was her distressed pullover sweater.  The looser fit knit balanced out the tighter, skinny style pants. A light, summery sweater is a must-have item for the upcoming months. If you’re looking for a one similar to hers, give this heather gray pullover a try. It does not give off quite the same grunge feel, however, the interesting knit fabric will go well with any sort of bottom you pair it with. If the top you’re wearing doesn’t provide an interesting enough structure or material, try this two-toned pleated skirt. A skirt like this will create the right amount of dimension a single colored ensemble needs.

Hint: The best way to rock a completely neutral outfit is to layer up and mix in different shades, shapes and fabrics from top to bottom. This will create depth and provide a much more natural look. Remember, when styling an outfit of the same color family, keep one piece looser and the other more fitted to create contrasting proportions.

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