TREND: Groovy Glasses

We may all be too young to remember any of this, but there was a time when musicians like John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne would be spotted donning pairs of perfectly round sunglasses. So, it's no surprise that I chose this week's Fashionista based on her stunning eyewear. Our Fashionista blasts us to the past with an awesome pair of reflective teashades (also fittingly known as “John Lennon glasses” or “Ozzy glasses”). Pretty groovy, eh?

This week's Fashionista is the picture of a '60s vintage goddess. Her floral high-waisted skirt is very summer appropriate and feminine—in fact, I am a huge fan of the white and gold buttons lined right in the middle. She pairs her pastel coloured skirt with a subtly, polka-dotted long sleeve shirt (almost ballet dancer inspired, don't you think?) and by doing so, she plays with contrast.

If you look closely, you'll also be able to spot a pair of turquoise vintage earrings, not to mention a tiny white and brown leather satchel and multi-coloured platform wedges. By pulling her hair back in a sky-high bun, this Fashionista ensures that her long hair doesn't distract from her fabulous outfit, while once again nodding to the ballerina trend.

Hint: Don't worry about teashades being too old-fashioned. After all, vintage wear is all about modernizing looks from the past. Lady Gaga and Sienna Miller are just two of the many seen rocking the teashade look. Another idea is to give the buttons-all-on-the-front skirt a try. This vintage one caught my eye immediately!

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