TREND: Hats Off

As classes ceased for a week spring breakers made their way to various locations throughout the globe; whether it is the warm weather of Miami or the fashionable boulevards of Paris, it is time to momentarily put the books down and enjoy life. This Fashionista welcomed the warm the weather by shedding her usual jacket and boots, trading them for sandals, rompers and other such clothing. Her silk romper is an ideal warm weather piece for it can be worn day or night, with sandals or heels and either way looking chic and put together. With such a simple black romper it is important to remember accessories, but not too much when in the warm weather. One of my favorite parts of this Fashionsita’s outfit is her fedora, simple and understated yet without it the outfit would be completely different. Throw on a patterned, lightweight scarf like she did and sandals that don’t scream for attention and you have an ideal outfit.

Hint: To get a romper similar to this one, try this Young Fabulous & Broke one. Thought it already comes with a white sash, therefore not needing a scarf, add a fedora and some bracelets and you will be good to go.

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