TREND: Hats Off to Studying

Since when are the weeks leading up to finals more stressful than finals week itself? It’s crunch time, which means it’s library time. But, just because your head is in the books doesn’t mean you can’t still look chic. Don’t compromise fashion for studying. You can still have the best of both worlds. A quick go-to staple for a bad hair day or a low-on-sleep and low-on-energy day is a hat. While baseball hats work well and show school or team pride, they’re not the most stylish hat this season. The fedora is. Yes, it has had a comeback and yes, it probably has something to do with Matt Bomer on White Collar. A fedora never looked so good. But, fedoras are not just for the boys. This Fashionista donned a chic crème fedora with a black stripe and orange feather for a nice pop of color. A fedora makes everything a little bit cooler. Take a look at this Aqua felt fedora that comes in both black and gray. The grosgrain band and feather add a little extra touch to the classic look. Hat Attack also has some great fedoras in rich colors like maroon and navy. If you aren’t quite sure, look at this Rag & Bone chambray fedora. Unlike the felt, the chambray fabric is more versatile for all seasons. While you are held up in the library studying hard, don’t lose your head for fashion. You are sure to make the grade wearing a chic fedora.

Hint: Definitely go try on the fedora! You might feel silly in front of the mirror trying them on, but it is worth the hassle. Every hat fits differently, even if they look identical. You are going to want the perfect fit.

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