TREND: Heartbreaker

It’s enormously exhilarating to discover someone whose carefree mannerism projects an oblivious attitude towards his or her own striking looks. It’s almost as if every movement is calculated for the shuttering and flashing of a camera, if it wasn’t for their total unawareness to their dynamic maneuvers. This particularly Fashionisto happens to be a model. Immediately, a shot was coaxed out of him. Though his strong demeanor was enough to bestow a double take, it did not cast a shadow on his stylish fashion. When I saw him, I immediately thought this Fashionisto was channeling a hybrid of William Beckett from The Academy Is and an indie rock heartbreaker.

With major music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo already past us, summer still beckons more concerts and festivals, like Lollapalooza, held at the end of the summer in Chicago. To better immerse yourself into the music is to specifically take part as a music junkie in every aspect. In terms of fashion, this means dressing up for the part. This Fashionisto’s attire proved every part of a rock star, without the cost of feeling an artist’s emotional agony and drug abuse.

While accessories on men can sometimes border indelicacy, the nonchalant, disheveled tone of the draped loose scarf projected a streak of rebellion on this Fashionisto. It’s almost an art to provoke and maintain a natural unkempt look. The best choice is to opt for a scarf made out of a crinkly material, like this one from French Connection. This Fashionisto chose to perch the scarf on top of a tank top. Men in tank tops were formally only allowed at the gym or after hours, since tank tops were intentionally designed for women. Recently, tank tops on men have undermined the concept of sexual partisan. In other words, proving your masculinity can only come about if you’re sure enough in it to negate it. This Fashionisto established this rebellion by wearing this American Apparel tank. Skinny jeans are also essential to a rock star’s ensemble. While the fit on a particular guy can be debatable, especially due to the comfort factor, J. Crew offers many different selections and fits that flatter almost any guy’s body. Their 484 Slim collection particularly resonates well with many body types. What other ways are there to break a woman’s heart than to incase your legs in something so provocative?

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