TREND: Heat Wave

Spring break may be over but it looks like the warm weather has come to Boston to give Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere an opportunity soak even more sunshine! Over the next few months, the weather isn’t the only thing that will be heating up, but the spring color palette too!

This season it is all about the orange, red, and coral accents, and this week’s Fashionista does a great job heating up her assemble with an orangey-brown textured skirt, loose fitting white blouse, and leather flats. Her outfit is both sophisticated and bohemian, making it the perfect look for a trip to the beach or a shopping trip to Newbury on a lazy weekend.

Has your wardrobe experienced the spring heat wave yet? Add some orange and red accented pieces to your look by grabbing a pair of these Silk Safari Shorts in hibiscus red or these burnt orange Kimchi Blue Side-Button Shorts on your next shopping trip. To achieve a look similar to today's Fashionista's, pair your shorts with this Pins and Needles Lace-Hem Chiffon Tank Top for a beachy and relaxed feel. You can also add some more heat some more heat with this Coral Placket Front Grandad Shirt from Topshop or give into the maxi dress trend with this ultra stylish Ecote Tiedye Maxi Dress. This Fashionista took her look to the next level by accessorizing, a fun and creative way to dress up more simple looks. Infuse some orange into your look with this Oscillating Orbs Necklace, a gorgeous necklace that can work for both daytime and nighttime looks, or this springy and fabulous Laughter & Efflorescence Cuff from Anthropologie. Catch the heat wave and add a little orange or red to heat up your spring look!

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