TREND: Hello, Plaid

With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, most Indiana Fashionistas/os will be heading to wherever home is for the holiday. This means seeing old friends and family, and looking stylish while you do so. One trend popping up a lot this holiday season is plaid patterns. They can be big or small, any colors of the rainbow, and formal or casual, as shown by the Fashionista here. One popular way that plaid will be seen this holiday season is on flannel.

Keeping warm and looking fly, this Fashionista was spotted walking her bike across campus and chatting with a friend. Besides the obvious use of plaid flannel, her outfit has many inspiring aspects. She decided to go bold, matching brown with black and a couple accent colors in between. Though this combination may often be dismissed in the fashion world, pairing brown and black is always OK in my book. The mustard yellow and purple on her jacket make for nice accents to her teal undershirt. Another thing this Fashionista did well was her use of proportion. A heavy jacket such as this should be paired with thin bottoms, like her denim cigarette pants. Throwing in a pair of classic brown mary jane flats, this Fashionista had an overall look that is perfect for an autumn day.

If you are looking for some interesting plaid pieces, check out this tunic from Free People, or this woven cape from Forever 21. Scarves can also make a good plaid accent piece.

Hint: When wearing plaid, try to keep most of your ensemble neutral, with plaid as the accent. Taking colors that are in the plaid pattern can be a good way to spice up the look.

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