TREND: High-Waist Denim

On February 2nd, it was confirmed that spring is arriving early this year, which means with this upcoming season comes new fashion trends that Fashionistas will be flaunting at every college campus. One of these trends being the flattering high-waist jean. Denim has gone from flare to skinny, low-rise to high-waist, and everywhere in between throughout the decades, but the high-waist jean is back in style and is a trend that will be drawing attention this spring.

I spotted this Fashionista sporting the trend with confidence in a casual, stripped knit top tucked into her pair of high-waist jeans secured with a skinny, neutral belt. This Fashionista opted for a skinny pair of high-waist jeans, but the classic '70s look of a high-waist and a flare leg is another option to consider. The key to wearing this trend is to tuck in your top in order to showcase your curves and give the illusion of height by lengthening the leg.

Dressing up or down is made simple with the high-waist jean. Go for a look similar to this Fashionista when heading to class or grabbing a coffee. When you want to take your outfit to the next level pair the high-waist jean with your favorite pair of heels, creating a sophisticated, chic look.

Hint: To keep your ensemble visually interesting and balanced add a belt. Stick with neutral colored belts when pairing the high-waist jean with patterned top or to maintain a classic look.

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