TREND: High-Waisted Looks

The high-waisted style has been making a comeback recently, but many Fashionistas are afraid of attempting it due to the infamous "mom jeans" look.  Pulling off a high-waisted look is easy as long as you follow a few simple tips.  For a high-waisted skirt, like this one that Kim Kardashian is wearing, add a belt (thick or thin) as a way of defining your higher waist line.  It also helps give you a slimer look.  High-waisted jeans, like the pair that Ashley Greene wore, should be a medium-rise to start (if you want to go for something more extreme, look for a super high-rise pair, like these.)  The Fashionista to the left is wearing a perfect high-waisted summer outfit.  Her turquoise top adds a nice contrast to the beautiful print in her skirt.  She keeps it simple with a pair of heels and a stylish clutch.

Hint: To avoid "mom jeans," stay away from jeans with stretch and cuts that aren't well-fitting.  Only buy high-waisted jeans that fit well in the waist (a pair too tight will result in over-flowing skin, and a pair too loose will make you look bigger than you really are!)

Check out the combinations below for a high-waisted look that will make you look both sleek and stylish:

  • Try this skirt (with buttons on the front) and a simple v-neck t-shirt
  • Or, give these jeans a try with this striped tank and a pair of bright sunglasses for a pop of color

These are only a few ideas, but check out this awesome video for high-waisted tips and more outfit examples!  Finally, don't be afraid of the style; try a high-waisted outfit on in a dressing room before taking it home.  This way, you'll have plenty of time to decide whether or not the look is for you and you are for the look!

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