TREND: Hippie Chic

Summertime brings sweet lemonade, green grass, and cool shades. Unfortunately it also brings some hot days and it can seem tough to stay fashionable while keeping cool. Solution: The hippie chic look. With bohemian styles coming back into style, flowy tunics and torn up jeans are the perfect way to survive the hot summer months. Our Fashionista is sporting a strapless tunic with bright designs to celebrate the season. She tops the look off with some torn jeans, and adds a chic hair band to top off the hippie look. She's ready to hop on her Moped and go out for a day on the town. Tunics are great for a day look but can also be paired with a cardigan to make a good evening look. Summertime is also a great time to try some colorful footwear.

Hint: For some great summer tops, try one of this from Free People. Top the look off with some cool capris like these from Guess and you're good to go for an occasion!

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