TREND: Hobo Chic

Fact: there is way more style reporting for women versus men. This fact allows me to give extra appreciation for the well-assembled ensembles of the fashionable fellows out there. But what exactly sparks these visionary outfits? It seems as though a majority of the inspiration emerges from trendy but abstruse musicians. Sources such as MGMT, Of Montreal, The Stokes, and David Bowie have all contributed great influence on to how this Fashionisto is adorned. Although a great paradox of a traditional rock 'n’ roller’s wardrobe is that the clothes appear to be slept in (maybe they actually were), but they still look put together, characterized by the term “hobo chic.” This style of dressing rhythmically flows music into fashion. Bold style choices and his ability to pull them off with ease portray a strong sense of confidence in this Fashionisto, which is crucial for any musician.

The art of layering is a great trend, it allows for more creativity and a little eccentricity. By simply adding another piece you can create an entirely different outfit. I like how this Fashionisto chose to wear a marbled pale gray V-neck underneath a loose neck aqua T-shirt. The light colors can be kept in your wardrobe all year long, regardless of any Labor Day rules. Groundwork for layering can begin at American Apparel, a shop with endless potential. The top layer, a vest, has been a part of masculine style for hundreds of years. While the basic design has remained fairly constant, the versatility has expanded to an endless array of possibilities. It can be worn as part of three-piece suit (obviously), dressy with trousers and a button down, casual with jeans and an open-collar shirt, or simply chic as this Fashionisto did with colored pants and distinguished tees. Classic vests can be found at Macy's and Men’s Warehouse. Shifting down, an Urban Outfitter’s staple, bright skinny jeans aren’t just worn by the hipsters in Williamsburg anymore, they are everywhere. I like how this Fashionisto selected a dark eggplant color because while although it’s vivid and interesting, it has a low-key coolness factor that can go with many things. This dynamic transcends into his old-school, but reinvented high-top Converse. Seen on many musicians, the popular shoe greatly portrays the influence music can have on fashion. As the everyman shoe, Chucks inspire originality, along with the Ray-Ban Wayfarers. A design that hasn’t changed in nearly 60 years, these plastic sunglasses are iconic. They are trendy, but not flashy, and they are new, but they are old. Although affected by music, this Fashionisto created his own unique creation to rock out in.

Music is one of the most influential sources of inspiration. Whether your muse is Madonna, Beyonce, or Michael Jackson, create your own unique creation to rock out in!

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