TREND: Holey Holidays

As final exams finish up and the semester comes to an end it is a time of rejoice for now we can finally enjoy the holiday season. However, on the contrary, it is also a time of goodbyes as many of our friends leave not just for break but for abroad next semester. The last weekend on campus is one filled with “last suppers” and holiday parties, which means time to throw on a fun and flirty yet relaxed outfit. Going to holiday parties require a different combination of clothes than a typical night out at a bar – no sleeveless tops and no heels necessary, especially in the snow. There is so much I love about this Fashionista’s outfit, from her leopard print tunic, to her patterned tights it all works together. My favorite piece, however, is her holed sweater, which, when you look closely is actually a floral pattern. Each piece she is wearing has a different pattern on it and individually you might not have put them all together in fear of it not meshing well, however they complement each other extremely well to create a completely different outfit. To throw a little edge into the mix, her brown combat boots are an ideal choice and won’t make it a challenge to trek through the snow. This Fashionista finished it off with some with some jewelry and seductive deep red lipstick.

Hint: Try this holey cardigan from ASOS and throw it over a patterned silk top for a more relaxed, dressed up look. Also, don’t shy away from patterned tights as you put an outfit together because there are many kinds from lace to ribbed that are bound to match your style. So, be adventurous and a match those statement patterned pieces together for completely different look.

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