TREND: Holiday Glamour!

I love the holidays! There’s so much you can do with clothes to adapt yourself to the multitude of situations you will ultimately be faced with – from running to exams in below zero weather to attending the most fabulous holiday parties. I know I definitely prefer the latter, and so does this fashionista! On her way to a party, she went for a classy little black dress with hint of color added by her belt and gloves. Ear muffs and (my personal fave) lace-up booties completed her glamorous outfit. She said she felt like she was emulating Audrey Hepburn and her pose showcases the fashion icon. This holiday season I recommend picking elegant and classic choices, like the little black dress and pairing them with the perfect lace-up shoes, like these Burberry ones. While keeping it clean and simple try to add splashes of color with bright accessories (which you can always stock up on in Forever 21) and lots and lots of sparkle to make you shine!

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