TREND: Home for the Holidays

As you all could probably guess, I did not spot this Fashionista on Comm Ave. I am home for the holidays in San Diego, and let me tell you – nothing says Happy New Year's quite like palm trees.

All you East Coasters are all bundled up in your heavy outerwear, but underneath your bulky coat, it is easy to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. This Fashionista is cozy and cute in her lightly layered look. Her long red cardigan paired with a basic tank top and scarf is perfect for 60 degree SoCal weather. Her black skinny jeans tucked into tall black leather boots make her legs look long and lean. Between her studded bag and the Ray Ban sunglasses, her outfit has a hip, quirky vibe.

This look is causal and cool for California winters, but let’s be real here: Boston is freezing. In order for this ensemble to withstand a snowstorm, we are going to have tweak it a bit. First order of business: swap out those leather boots for a pair of stylish, water-resistant snow boots. Second step: throw on a practical, thick trench coat. Third: top it off with knit accessories to keep you extra warm. Some of my favorites include:

1. Wintermallows Headwrap from Anthropologie
2. Cooperative Jacquard Convertible Gloves from Urban Outfitters
3. Beautiful Knit Scarf from Forever 21 (Side note: Brace yourselves, Fashionistas. The new Forever 21 on Newbury St. will be open upon our return to school after break!)

Whether you call a warm climate or cold climate home, layers are always chic. Just don’t forget that trench coat when we get back to school on January 18.

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TREND: Home for the Holidays!

Exams are ending, the car is packed, and it's time to head home for the holidays, but you don't want folks in your hometown seeing you blow in looking haggard. So, with a spring in your step and a scarf tied neatly around your neck, you grap up your winter coat, suede boots, and Longchamp bag and head towards freedom. You won't find a happier expression than the one this week's Fashionista is sporting after having just finished the last of her finals. In this sudden burst of brisk weather, our girl looks perfect in winter wear from her hat to her boots!

Suede boots are a sure bet for warmth and style right now. Our Fashionista's choice of brown suede for her feet is yummy. The black tights and warm, black, double-breasted winter coat will protect this UGA student from the chill and maker her look New-York-chic.

As mentioned before in this column, UGA girls LOVE Longchamp bags and this black one is the standard, basic bag you will see from 5 Points to ECV. It is the perfect bag, year round, for a college student. Longchamp has the right amount of chic plus the utilitarian usefulness we all need as we go from class to class. The brown leather handles pick up the flavor of the brown boots.

In this latest round of frigid weather, Fashionistas are smart to cover their heads. Our girl has chosen a cream colored hat and scarf that would easily make her look at home in Europe. Forever 21 carries lots of great choices for scarves. You can easily get this week's look by shopping online or hitting stores like Target for the perfect warm weather accessories.

Finals are final but fashion lives on through the holidays. Don't forget to look your best when returning home. You're a CollegeFashionista now and your look should reflect the confidence, maturity, and knowledge that you have acquired from being in upper level learning.

Happy traveling, Fashionistas!

Hint: Keeping your traveling outfit classic and unfussy is a great way to let folks know, back at home that you have it all together. If you are traveling home by plane, you might want to really be careful with what you wear. With increased security screenings, you can still go with something like this outfit but, modify it with black leggings, a coat, and easy-to-slip-off boots. You want your trip through the metal detectors to go off without a hitch. Krystal Schlegal gives great air travel wardrobe suggestions along with a sample outfit for going through our nation's airports.

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